Cam Newton’s bold Lamar Jackson prediction will fire up Ravens fans

Cam believes in Lamar and Baltimore.
Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The AFC North is set to be the battleground for some fierce wars between Baltimore Ravens MVP Lamar Jackson and Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl participant Joe Burrow. If these two continue performing at the same leve they have been in the last few years, their rivalry is shaping up to be a classic "stats vs. winning" debate.

While Burrow clearly has inferior stats to Jackson, he can lean back on his Super Bowl appearance and AFC Championship game run the following year. Jackson may only have two playoff wins to his name and two tough losses at home as the No. 1 seed in the AFC, but he is a two-time MVP with unprecedented rushing skills.

Even with the threat of Patrick Mahomes looming over the rest of the conference, Newton thinks Jackson has as good a chance as anyone in that conference to unseat him.

In an appearance on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast, Newton said that Jackson will win a Super Bowl before his rival in Cincinnati, Jalen Hurts, and Dak Prescott. Cam's advice to Lamar is to "stop thinking" in close games and play free, easy football. Newton also wants Jackson to figure out how to win "the ugly games."

“Find a way to win the ugly games and we can talk about the other stuff later,” Newton said. “Patrick Mahomes has found a way to do that...I think for Lamar, once he figures that out, not to say that he hasn’t but everybody around [him]." Newton said that ability to win ugly helped make Tom Brady so deadly with the New England Patriots

Cam Newton said Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson will win Super Bowl before Joe Burrow

The interview wasn't all positive, however. Newton said that speaking as a receiver, playing with Jackson on the Ravens isn't as attractive as other teams due to how frequently they run the ball. Newton cited the decline in production from Odell Beckham Jr. last year as evidence.

No matter what newton thinks, Baltimore is running it back with Jackson at the helm and a similar offensive structure. They did upgrade at running back, however, putting Derrick Henry in as the starter after Gus Edwards joined the Los Angeles Chargers. Perhaps that can help Jackson overcome some of his playoff demons.

While the Ravens have flamed out in the postseason with Jackson at the helm, the best course of action for the immediate future is still leaning on Lamar and letting his immense talent shine through. If Cam ends up becoming clairvoyant, Jackson may finally slip that ring on his finger.