Can the Ravens exploit this bizarre Joe Burrow pre-game ritual on the field?

Not so fashionable a habit, Sir Burreaux!
NFL Combine - Day 2
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The Ravens have been scouting Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow since he entered the league as the first-overall pick of the 2020 NFL draft.

The record isn't pretty for Baltimore in games against Burrow, mind you, as the Flock is 2-4 against the quarterback in six meetings spanning three seasons and both regular-season and post-season affairs.

Perhaps the scouting hasn't been so good. Or perhaps the Bengals are just a talented team. Maybe, even, both things are true and there is a little bit of everything baked into the equation. Who knows!?

Burrow himself didn't feel so happy about his season-opening stinker (he passed for a meager 82 yards in Week 1 before getting benched in the fourth quarter on Sunday), so he decided to get a new haircut for the clash against the Ravens.

Ja'Marr Chase: "Joe is pretty superstitious, especially when it comes to his socks."

That being said, and whatever means for his next game, the Ravens might have found an ally in Bengals wideout Ja'Marr Chase, who revealed (h/t Bengals Wire) something truly bizarre about Joe Burrow's pre-game rituals and habits: the quarterback wears one sock inside out.

Say what!? Whose mind is so twisted to do that!?

"I know he is [superstitious] with his socks," Chase started. "If you ever pay attention to him, just pay attention to his socks. He does one sock in and out. It’s flipped. He’s been doing it since college…I’m used to it now. I sit and just shake my head at it, that he still does it."

Whether or not the Ravens can take advantage of this, I don't really know.

Can they trash-talk Burrow on the field reminding him of how incredibly wrong and crazy he is? Can they use this intel to gameplan against him in any way? Can Mike Macdonald come up with a defensive scheme that exploits in-and-out sock-wearing?

The Ravens have had their fair share of problems handling Burrow in the past, but this could be a game-changing bit of information to have in their pocket.

They say games are won by the tiniest margins and details at the highest of levels in pro sports, so every little advantage you can get you have to make the most of.

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Here's to hoping the Ravens can beat the Bengals on Sunday and thank Ja'Marr Chase for his revelation later.

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