3 changes Baltimore Ravens made in week 10 that might stick

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Keaton Mitchell
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1. The Baltimore Ravens are playing Keaton Mitchell more 

Sunday was the curious case of Keaton Mitchell. Mitchell was the story of the first half, with a 39 yard touchdown run, and a 32 yard reception. However, the only time he touched the ball in the second half was for a loss. He had a chance to earn a target, but Lamar Jackson scrambled instead. 

Either way, we started to see them work Mitchell in more. He went from 17% of the snaps played in week nine to 22% in week two. One of the big issues for Mitchell is pass protection, though. 

He was playing in the first half, but a bad pass protection rep had the team lean back toward Justice Hill. Hill played 26% of the snaps, which is well below the 64% he played the week prior. However, he played 100% of the two-minute drill, and seven of his 13 snaps were two-minute or long down and distance, which is when the extra pass protection is needed. That was just two of the 11 snaps that Mitchell has played, and overall, he has just three snaps on the 26 career snaps in that situation. 

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Will the Baltimore Ravens get more used to using Mitchell on the obvious pass downs, or will his pass protection limitations keep Justice Hill involved in a three-man committee and keep Mitchell as a gadget player? We will find out soon.