3 changes we need to see from Baltimore Ravens before the playoffs

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr.
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1. Is less better for Odell Beckham Jr. on the Baltimore Ravens?

The last three games have been, by far, the best we have seen from Odell Beckham. He is averaging 70 yards per game in the last three weeks, and that is up from 27 yards in the first eight. What is most impressive is knowing that he is doing this while playing less. 

Beckham only played under 50% of the offensive snaps once in the first eight weeks, and that was when he left with an injury. In week nine, he played 46%, then he played one-third of the snaps in the last two games. Despite the big drop in snaps, he has a big increase in production. 

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He went from averaging 1.10 yards per route run to 3.93. That is a lot of production per route. At his age and status, it may be smarter to just use him when you need him and get the most out of him in those instances. For the Ravens, less is more.