Chargers obviously trying to be LA Ravens after latest free agency rumor

The Chargers are trying to take as many Ravens as possible

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The Los Angeles Chargers appear to be very jealous of what the Baltimore Ravens have built over the last few years. After parting ways with Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco, it seems as though the Bolts are trying to build their own West Coast version of what has made Baltimore so successful.

In addition to hiring a Harbaugh brother as their head coach and selecting a former Ravens executive in Joe Hortiz to be the general manager, the Chargers named controversial ex-Ravens OC Greg Roman to the same position. The new-look roster has a Baltimore feel to it.

Former Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst and running back Gus Edwards signed deals with Los Angeles this offseason as part of their (foolish) commitment to Roman's run-heavy offense. Even JK Dobbins, recently cleared for football activity, is on Hortiz's radar over in southern California.

Dobbins is scheduled to visit with the Chargers after getting clearance from Dr. Neal ElAttrache to return to football activities. The Ravens are a smart team to steal role players from, but the Chargers seem committed to building this identity at the expense of star quarterback Justin Herbert.

Chargers trying to emulate Ravens with JK Dobbins interest

Dobbins may have averaged 5.8 yards per carry in his pro career, but two of his four seasons have now come to premature ends thanks to major injuries. The 1-2 punch of him and Edwards could be fun to watch, but will it have the same power without Lamar Jackson's legs also entering the equation?

The Ravens realized Roman's limited passing game creativity was poor enough to warrant a change in leadership at the OC spot, and Hurst has never been the elite receiver Baltimore envisioned he would be. Jackson was the glue that held it all together, and it might be tough to replicate what he did somewhere else.

While this is at least better than Telesco doing the exact same things he ruined the Chargers with as GM of the rival Las Vegas Raiders, Harbaugh might find it tough to return to the pros after a decade away from this level. Trying to run the same system his brother installed without the main piece that made everything click could be

The Lions tried to be the Midwest Patriots under Matt Patricia, and it didn't work. The Jets haven't had much success trying to sign all of Aaron Rodgers' Packers buddies. The Chargers could find out that winning like the Ravens have in the last few years isn't so easy.