Cleveland who? Jadeveon Clowney has been a long-time Ravens fan

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We have yet to watch pass rusher and new Baltimore Raven Jadeveon Clowney chasing quarterbacks on an official NFL game, but we finally got to listen to the man speak repping the Flock Nation colors on Thursday following Day 22 of training camp.

Clowney signed a one-year friendly deal with the Ravens a few days ago to bolster Baltimore's pass rushing and is coming off back-to-back years playing for the division-rival Cleveland Browns.

Asked about having to face his former team multiple times next season, as quoted in, Clowney said "I don't care nothing about what [the Browns] got going on," adding "It’s going to be great to going against them."

Not only has Clowney moved on from the franchise that sent him home before the 2022 season was over, but he also revealed that he's been "a fan" of John Harbaugh since he turned pro nearly a decade ago when the Houston Texans drafted him as the 2014 no. 1 overall pick.

"I've been a fan of John Harbaugh since I've been in this league," Clowney said. "I just felt like watching him on TV, he was all about his players, asking them, 'What do you all want to do, what do you all want to do?' So, I want to be a part of it."

We want you in Baltimore too, DJ, we want you here too.

Clowney said that his goal for the 2023 season is "to play 17 games." Throughout his nine-year career, Clowney has only appeared in all regular-season games once, back in 2017, when he got named to his second Pro Bowl and after his 2016 All-Pro season.

Part of Clowney's salary for the year is tied to play-time incentives. Simply put, the more he plays, the more money he'll get from the Ravens according to the contract he signed with the organization. The highest figure Clowney can pocket is $6 million if he gets to reach all of the agreed-upon bonuses.

As he's entering the final years of his career, Clowney seems to be more focused on winning than filling his bag. "I'm just trying to win on the backend right now and keep playing at a high level, the edge rusher said. "I have a lot left in me. I just want to keep showing that."

The veteran "feels great," and he thinks he's going to "play very well" with the Ravens. "I'm going to put my pads on and show up and play every game, week in and week out."

Only GOAT kicker Justin Tucker, offensive guard Kevin Zeitler, and backup quarterback Josh Johnson have more experience than Clowney among players rostered by Baltimore for the 2023 season.

It's unclear if Clowney will debut on Saturday's preseason finale. "I'm not the coach. It's the preseason," Clowney said. "I told the coaching staff, it's up to you. I'm ready. Just let me know, and I'll make sure I'm ready for it."

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