Could the Baltimore Ravens bench this player in the AFC Championship? 

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The Baltimore Ravens are going to have an interesting debate to settle at cornerback this week. Marlon Humphrey is back, which likely means that Ronald Darby is heading back to the bench. However, between week 17 and the Divisional round of the playoffs, Darby has played some great football, stepping in for the injured Humphrey.

Could the Baltimore Ravens bench Brandon Stephens in the AFC Championship?

Darby has been one of the better cornerbacks all year when you break it down, and he ended up playing 489 total snaps due to the injuries around him. So, could the Ravens get him on the field for the most important game of the season? One way would be to minimize Brandon Stephens' snaps. 

On one hand, that sounds crazy. Stephens has been a starter since week one and has earned the right to start through a strong season. However, as of recently, he may be the biggest liability at cornerback. 

Stephens struggled mightily against the San Francisco 49ers, mainly when he was matched up on Brandon Aiyuk. He missed week 17, and when he came back in week 18, the weather really hindered his ability to get tested. 

In the Divisional Round, Darby allowed 28 yards while Stephens allowed 60. Stephens was attacked by posts and slants over the middle from Nico Collins, similar to Aiyuk. Knowing Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, the Chiefs are going to pinpoint that area and come at Stephens again.

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Do the Ravens bring in Humphrey, their top cornerback, and pair him with Darby, their hottest cornerback, or do they stick with the starters on paper, and perhaps Darby just platoons with Humphrey? This kind of depth gives the Ravens a nice problem.