David Ojabo getting 10+ sacks? "Alright, say no more!"

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The Baltimore Ravens have high expectations when it comes to the short-term future of their edge rushers. The Flock drafted both David Ojabo (45th overall in 2022) and Odafe Oweh (31st in 2021) with top-45 picks in the last two NFL Drafts, but they have yet to solidify themselves in the middle of Baltimore's defense.

Ojabo, who only appeared in two regular-season games last year after completing his recovery from a pre-season injury, appeared on the July 18 episode of The Lounge (the official podcast of the team) and discussed multiple topics ahead of his second season with the team.

Even though he barely played last season and that limited how much he could test the NFL waters, Ojabo sounded convinced of what's next for him: becoming the next member of the Ravens to hit the 10-sack plateau in a season.

"If we’re talking just factually, double-digits ]sacks] is all I know. Just go get the ball, get the quarterback, and win games."

David Ojabo, Baltimore Ravens

You wouldn't believe this, but the Ravens haven't had a 10-sack player since living legend Terrell Suggs dropped opposing quarterbacks 11 times in 2017. It's been more than five seasons without a single player reaching double-digit sacks, with only three players getting 8.5+ since Suggs did it.

Ojabo, who it could be said played just one season in Michigan before declaring for the 2022 NFL Draft, entered the league off an 11-sack campaign as a junior with the Wolverines. His defensive coach then and there? Current Ravens DC Mike Macdonald, who joined Baltimore in 2022 along with Ojabo after spending time with him in Michigan.

Ojabo touched on an exchange he had with Macdonald back in their days together in Michigan. According to the Ravens player, Macdonald wanted to ignite a fire inside of him entering the 2021 season so he pulled him to the side and let the youngster know about what was coming and what the coach expected from him.

"He pulled me to the side and said, 'Come here, we’re going to have fun, and you’re going to get 10-plus sacks, and get out of here’ "

David Ojabo, Baltimore Ravens

To his defensive coach comment, Ojabo said "Alright, say no more," and the rest is history.

Ojabo went on to rack up those 11 sacks, declared for the draft, and had the awful luck of getting injured in the NFL combine, but still found his way to the best possible franchise for defenders in Baltimore when the Ravens selected him early.

The sky is the limit for Ojabo in Baltimore. He already hit the ground running to wrap up the 2022 season, but that's only the beggining of what looks like a very promising and exciting career for the former Wolverine.

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