Don't panic: 4 fixes for a Ravens defense without Kyle Hamilton

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2. Keep all playmakers on the field: Marlon Humphrey and Ronald Darby

We're getting slightly more creative here. If the Ravens want to keep absolutely every playmaker on the field at all times against the Jaguars, then they should simply move superstart CB Marlon Humphrey into the slot and bring veteran Ronald Darby to the vacated cornerback position.

This way, the Ravens would have Humphrey, Williams, Stone, and Darby on the field all at the same time without having to rely on Maulet to cover the slot.

Darby, who is another veteran signed by the Ravens because of the many injuries suffered by members of their secondary last summer (namely the one impacting Humphrey's start of the season), is a former Super Bowl champion currently playing his ninth professional season in the NFL.

The cornerback was been doubted because of his weak health, but when fit and available he's one of the best playmakers at the position and it's not even close. Darby is great at closing the gap to the quarterback on rushing plays when tasked with that and is a strong player on the outside too, even though his production there has diminished as he's aged into his late 20s.

With Humphrey still recovering from his recent calf injury, it might be better for him to try and cover the slot receiver or a tight end on short routes instead of playing cover corner on the outside, leaving those duties for Darby and Brandon Stephens.