Don't panic: 4 fixes for a Ravens defense without Kyle Hamilton

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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4. Let Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald cook

Finally, why not let Mike Macdonald do his own thing and come up with some wild idea we haven't even thought about? We're talking about the best defensive coordinator in the league (no, seriously) and a bonafide candidate to leave Baltimore (please, God, don't let that happen) next season if any franchise decides to hire him as a head coach.

Even though Mad Mike is just 36 years old and coaching the Ravens defense for just the second consecutive year, Macdonald has put together the second-best defense in the NFL in 2023, only behind Cleveland's unit. He's turned a question-mark defense filled with banged-up starters and backups into the strangest thing you've heard about this season.

Geno Stone? You didn't know him but he's now a legitimate candidate to star in the next Pro Bowl. Arthur Maulet? A forgotten cornerback in Pittsburgh turned productive-nickel-CB in Baltimore. Jadeveon Clowney and Kyle Van Noy? Labeled washed and ostracised elsewhere, but top-tier performers on the edges of the Ravens D.

It's hard to try and predict what Macdonald can or will do this weekend, for one thing is certain and that's that no matter what, he will come up with something new whether Kyle Hamilton is available for him and the Ravens this weekend or not.

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The Ravens have a chance to clinch the postseason in Week 15 if they win and get some help from elsewhere. A big part of that will be stopping Jacksonville in their tracks. Who's better at that than Macdonald?

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