5 depth Baltimore Ravens with most to gain against Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens will start two big defensive lineman 

The Baltimore Ravens have leaned on two big rushers upfront with Justin Madubuike and Michael Pierce. However, both are at career highs, and it may be smart for the Baltimore Ravens to give them both a week off. That should mean giving strong roles to Travis Jones and Broderick Washington. 

Travis Jones has taken a step forward. He looks improved from his rookie year and is up from 34.5% of the snaps to 37.7%, and that number will grow with a big snap share this weekend. Broderick Washington has not been nearly as good in year four after signing an extension this offseason. 

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He went from 30.2% as a rookie to 31.9% and then was at 44.2% last year. Now, he is at 36.9% of the snaps. His pressure rate has plateaued, and his run defense has regressed. The Ravens would love to see him show more in a bigger role this weekend. 

It would just be nice to have the depth in the playoffs. Still, more than that, both are locks to make the 2024 roster as well, so the future is in the mindset as well.