Derrick Henry heaps praise on Lamar Jackson, proves why Ravens were perfect fit

Henry will be the Robin to Lamar's Batman
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The Baltimore Ravens will always be dominated by the hype surrounding MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson, but the addition of star running back Derrick Henry will give the Ravens a major boost in an area they could have upgraded over the last few years.

After the last few years of his Tennessee Titans tenure didn't go according to plan, Henry has made it clear that he is a man on a mission who will do whatever is necessary to ensure he ends up hoisting a Lombardi trophy.

After years as the main man in Tennessee, Henry is going to be relegated to a secondary role while the offense runs through Jackson. In need of a championship ring, Henry is more than willing to be a role player on a loaded Ravens offense.

"It definitely brings a different aspect, because [Jackson] is a dual-threat quarterback, and he's dangerous with his legs just as he is with his arm," Henry said. "It's going to be fun and a breath of fresh air not being the center of attention, knowing that eyes are going to be on him, as well. But I'm just excited to get to work and put the work in out here and let it all come together."

Derrick Henry looks like a perfect fit with the Baltimore Ravens

It's not unrealistic to suggest that if everything goes as planned, Henry and Jackson could combine for the most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback/running back duo. Henry's power and Jackson's speed make for a perfect complement.

While Ryan Tannehill and Mike Vrabel played a huge part in the Titans' success over the last half-decade, Tennessee was always Henry's show. When Henry didn't have a great game, often due to some iffy offensive line play, Tennessee found it difficult to scrap win together.

Henry has a 2,000-yard season, nearly 10,000 career rushing yards, and the status of being one of the greatest running backs in his prime the game has ever seen under his belt. Outside of paychecks, the only thing that could fulfill him on a professional level is finally winning that elusive Super Bowl ring.

Henry isn't going to just latch on to the coattails of Jackson during his time in Baltimore, as the Ravens seem ready to give him as many carries as possible, Every Batman needs a Robin, every Johnny Carson an Ed McMahon. Henry is ready to supplement what Jackson is already bringing to the table.