Did John Harbaugh reveal the Ravens (no) trade plans on Monday?

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
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The NFL trade deadline passed on Tuesday, leaving the Baltimore Ravens without any last-minute moves. General manager Eric DeCosta led the franchise... into nothing on Tuesday, which might have been announced on Monday without anybody realizing.

Curiously, last Monday in his usual press conference at the start of the week, head coach John Harbaugh expressed confidence in the team's current roster, emphasizing the fact that the Ravens might already have all of the players they need to make a Super Bowl run without having to chase any further addition.

Harbaugh made clear the team's approach to the trade deadline, stating, "Do we have a specific overarching have-to-have guy? No, we have an excellent roster…I love our guys. I think we have everything we need to be successful." However, he acknowledged the possibility of bolstering the team if a valuable opportunity arose, which must have not been the case.

Looking at last year, the Ravens didn't quite have a critical need at inside linebacker but they still broke the market and traded for Roquan Smith.

The trade, of course, proved to be a pivotal one last year and now in the 2023 season, it's looking even better. Harbaugh dubbed it one of the "all-time great trades," and perhaps the only one the Ravens needed in 2022 and 2023 combined.

Harbaugh said on Monday that making trades "is a possibility" ahead of Tuesday, but he warned everybody that it is "not easy making trades in this league."

Perhaps that's all we should have focused on then, but we got caught in the trade-deadline hype by the looks of it.

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"If there's one to be made to help us, I'm sure [DeCosta] will pull it off. If not, we'll be happy with what we have because we have a great team we feel like," Harbaugh said. And that, is precisely, what happened on Tuesday.

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