5 dream scenarios for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

What are some best case scenarios for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023?
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Patrick Queen, Baltimore Ravens
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3. What if Patrick Queen makes the Baltimore Ravens decision tough?

The thought around Patrick Queen with the Baltimore Ravens feels pretty clear. He will play out this year, then he will sign in free agency elsewhere, and the Ravens have Trenton Simpson waiting already.

Still, a dream scenario may be Queen making the decision a bit tougher. That would mean that he finally lives up to his first-round billing and makes a huge impact on the Ravens' defense. One thing we saw last year was that Queen improved when the team traded for Roquan Smith.

It allowed him to think less and play faster. Now, Queen has a full offseason to play that style, and he is playing for serious money as well. If Queen can improve on his coverage, he already has the speed and energy of a downhill blitzer. This could end up being a breakout year.

This is a great situation for the Ravens for a few reasons. First, they would have the best duo of linebackers in the NFL, and it would not be particularly close. This could lead to the best defense in the NFL.

More than that, if Queen does earn a massive deal, it still will not come from Baltimore. It may hurt to watch him walk, until the compensatory formula shows a solid draft pick coming back in return. Getting the most out of him in 2023, then getting the best return possible is the dream.