5 dream scenarios for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

What are some best case scenarios for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023?

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Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. The Baltimore Ravens could win the Super Bowl.

If any of the above dream scenarios come true, this dream scenario just gets more and more likely. If multiple of the things listed come to fruition, we are talking about a team that is going to win the Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens have all of the ingredients you need. On the coordinator front, Mike MacDonald has the defense rolling in year two, while Todd Monken is the change the offense needs. More than that, both units got health, and Lamar Jackson got pass-catching help.

The defense has big names playing for contracts, and others are just getting healthy and acclimated in the defense. The Ravens have been in the playoff mix throughout the majority of Lamar Jackson's career. He did not win a Super Bowl on his rookie contract, but now fans act like this will be the outcome every year.

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It just takes getting hot at the right time, and the Ravens will be in a position to get hot at the right time again next year. We will see if they can live up to this and make this dream a reality.