4 dream scenarios for Baltimore Ravens entering 2023 NFL draft

Joshua A. Bickel / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Joey Porter, Baltimore Ravens

3. Baltimore Ravens see cornerbacks drop

If the Baltimore Ravens do not go with a wide receiver in the first round they will have to go with a cornerback. It is clearly one of their biggest needs beyond wideout, and the class happens to be deep with them. So, who could be the best possible option to fall?

It would be too much to say this about Devon Witherspoon or Christian Gonzalez. Those guys are going in the top ten, and if not, they are going to get drafted in the top 15. However, it will matter how high they go, because their landing spot will impact who the Ravens could draft.

There is a debate for the cornerback three spot in this draft. If the top two guys do slip, and one lasts until 15 or so, is there a chance that the third guy is sitting there for the Baltimore Ravens? At this point that is probably the best-case scenario.

By most accounts that would mean Joey Porter Jr. or Deonte Banks. For Porter, you have the physical nature of AFC North football and is a player who would fit the culture like a glove. Also, it would be fun to force Joey Porter Sr. to wear purple and black. On the flip side, Deonte Banks is the Maryland boy, and nobody would complain if he stayed in the area.

Most see three or four cornerbacks going in the top 20 picks. If one or two of those guys fall, it is not a bad night in Baltimore.