4 dream scenarios for Baltimore Ravens entering 2023 NFL draft

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Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens resolve issue before the 2023 NFL draft

Yes, this is the most unrealistic outcome out of all of the 2023 NFL draft scenarios. However, we are dreaming, right? If the Baltimore Ravens' dream did come true, it would result in the team getting together with Jackson right after the draft and resolving things.

We wish it would be before the draft, and that would be even better, but let's just say that the draft comes and goes and nobody is giving him an offer. Once the musical chairs fill up after the draft, does Jackson look around and realize that he should take a longer-term deal?

If the Ravens could find this out on draft weekend, it would be everything. The team would not have to look for a replacement in the draft and instead would go all-in on Jackson. Right now, they have to toe the line. They have to look for his replacement. They also have to think halfway about the present and half about the future. If they add Jackson, they are all about the present.

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The reality is that any resolution at any time would be great. The faster things get cleared up, the better. While the rest of the situations are possible dreams, this feels like the perfect night of sleep with an amazing ending.