Dua Lipa to become Ravens' Taylor Swift? Patrick Queen would love it

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen sounded very interested in forming a relationship with singer Dua Lipa, reminiscent of other celebrity-NFL pairings including the last blockbuster pairing of Travis Kelce (of the Kansas City Chiefs) and Taylor Swift (of the music and artistic world).

One week into December, talking on his own Punch Line Podcast and answering a question brought to the table by co-host Jack Settleman, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey revealed Queen's legitimate interest in dating Dua Lipa.

Queen posted on his personal account a message toward Dua Lipa, writing "Already got a suite and jersey for you at a Ravens game @DUALIPA." That was in reference to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce hosting partner Taylor Swift in a suite at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium.

Humphrey said then, "Travis Kelce did inspire everybody," adding that Queen can definitely end up in a relationship with Dua Lipa as long as she entertains such an affair. "Dua Lipa come to the Ravens," Humphrey said. "[Patrick Queen] is a great guy."

Dua Lipa responded to Queen's overture by publicly giving him her a (fake, obviously) number, to which Queen hilariously replied, "I want the real one."

In the latest chapter of this saga, Humphrey has been the one reigniting the fire by sharing a picture of teammate Patrick Queen on his Instagram account and adding a little message to it, "Dua Lipa, he will hold on to you tighter than that football."

We'll see where things go from here, as Queen was already a guest on Humphrey's podcast by mid-November but not since. It would definitely be hilarious to see the two of them discuss this whole inside-outside joke together in the pod, that's for sure!

Now, that being said, never say never. You saw what happened between Kelce and Swift, with the latter attending a Chiefs game for the first time in Week 3 and every week after that each time in a more visible way, making it clear she's dating Kelce with both happy about it.

Next. Mark Andrews nearing return to Ravens for the NFL playoffs!. Mark Andrews nearing return to Ravens for the NFL playoffs!. dark

For now, let's have Queen have another monster game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday... and allow him to go find his queen after that if he earns Baltimore the AFC-clinching dub at The Bank!

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