3 duds who cost the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers, John Harbaugh
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1. Does Mike Tomlin have the edge over John Harbaugh now?

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers have a historic rivalry that goes back and forth over the years. That is why it is stunning to see that the Steelers have won six of the last seven games against the Ravens. Lamar Jackson has missed a good portion, but he is 1-3 as a starter against Pittsburgh.

He is 14-3 against the Browns and Bengals combined. There is something about Mike Tomlin, his defense, and the way that the Steelers play when they take on the Ravens that other teams luckily cannot replicate.

Still, it is becoming an issue, and it is hard not to look at this week and say that John Harbaugh had a dud performance and lost to Mike Tomlin. Against both the Colts and the Steelers, his offense got too tight and immediately fell apart after the first fumble. They could never get into a groove once one thing went wrong.

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We do not have to tell you about the debacle before the half, and Harbaugh, the special teams coach who always has a top unit, saw a punt block change the game against him. Harbaugh has to start beating Mike Tomlin again, or this will start to hang over him.