Eric DeCosta hilariously shoots down talk of Ravens making Deebo Samuel trade

The Ravens aren't making this big move.

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As the Baltimore Ravens introduced star running back Derrick Henry after signing him to a two-year contract in free agency, Eric DeCosta was peppered with questions about a report hinting the Ravens could try to set the NFL ablaze with a big trade for a star wide receiver.

The Ravens were linked to a trade for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel, perhaps the best player in the league at making plays with the ball in his hands. Getting him would certainly give the Baltimore offense a player who can be trusted to make big plays in the postseason.

DeCosta seems unwilling to go that far, as it would take a gargantuan offer for the 49ers to even entertain the notion of such a move. When asked about the report during a press conference introducting Henry to his new fanbase, DeCosta expertly made it seem like the rumors were completely bogus.

DeCosta, who read children's books like Dr. Seuss' The Lorax to students at an elementary school just a few days ago, said he would call Jason La Canfora's report "similar to that." Safe to say that such a move is not going to happen anytime soon as La Canfora licks is wounds.

Eric DeCosta hilariously mocks Ravens-Deebo Samuel trade rumors

La Canfora decided to double down on his initial report connecting the Ravens and Samuel, even though DeCosta seems to have identified it as complete fiction. Time will tell if La Canfora was telling the truth or was incorrectly connecting the dots.

The wide receiver room is still fairly below average following the loss of Odell Beckham Jr. The top three wideouts right now are Zay Flowers, Rashod Bateman, and Nelson Agholor. Baltimore needs one more veteran in free agency and a standout Day 2 player in the 2024 NFL Draft.

With Bateman still a major risk going into his fourth season and Agholor showing he is at his best in a very limited role, the Ravens need both a physical boundary receiver who can be a contested catch and red zone weapon and a speedy playmaker both with and without the ball. Even if Samuel isn't the guy, there is work to do.

The Ravens will surely make some extra moves to beef up their wide receiver room, but a gigantic trade for Samuel seems as phony as a $3 bill. As fun as it would be, it isn't going to happen.