5 reasons to get excited for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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As the Baltimore Ravens have a few weeks of OTAs before the long offseason, there is plenty of reasons for fans to be excited about what is to come. This will be an important season for the team, and after signing Lamar Jackson to a long-term extension the Ravens will see what the future is about to look like.

If you are a Baltimore Ravens, what are the five reasons you are buying into the team in 2023?

5. Baltimore Ravens will have a healthy offense entering the season

If it feels like it has been a long time since the Baltimore Ravens entered training camp with a completely healthy group of offensive players, that is because it has. In 2019, the Ravens set the world on fire, and their group was mainly healthy.

In 2020, Ronnie Stanley was injured, and he was coming back from it during the 2021 offseason. Then, JK Dobbins went down, then Rashod Bateman went down. Of course, the last two seasons also saw Lamar Jackson banged up.

Stanley and Dobbins missed early portions of 2022 due to recovery from their injuries. So, since early 2020 the Ravens did not even go into the offseason with a chance to reset the deck, they continuously had injuries to rehab.

This year they have no issues as the offseason approaches. Ronnie Stanley and JK Dobbins missed time early but were at their best and healthiest in the playoffs. Lamar Jackson and Rashod Bateman missed the playoff game, but both appear to be healthy to the point where neither will be missing time, and neither is in any jeopardy for week one, unlike Stanley and Dobbins last season.

These four have never put together a full offseason, let alone a full season together. This year, everyone is healthy as they enter training camp for the first time since before Bateman was drafted. The Ravens could not have been cursed by injuries forever, and it appears that the black cloud may finally be gone.

This is very exciting for Ravens fans.