5 reasons to get excited about the Baltimore Ravens in 2023

The offense has new pieces, and the defense has plenty of pieces ready to take off in year two
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens roster is set, and we are now under ten days until the team takes the field for a brand new season. Fans cannot hide the anticipation enough, so let's crank it up a bit more and get fans excited with some of the biggest notes heading into the season.

5. Everything about the Baltimore Ravens offensive changes have been positive

The offseason had plenty of questions and speculation about what would happen and how all of the pieces would fit. As we head into the regular season, it looks as though everything is coming into place at the right time. Lamar Jackson is here; he is healthy, and he is adjusting to the new offense.

Everything about Todd Monken says that this offense has the chance to be far more explosive, and Jackson is not the only one who has expressed that sort of optimism.

More than that, the team now has better wide receivers than ever before. The Baltimore Ravens drafted Zay Flowers and signed Odell Beckham. With Beckham coming off an ACL and Flowers being a rookie, there were questions about the fit.

Beckham has taken his veteran days off and has not played in the preseason, for good reason. Still, there are plenty of training camp videos surfacing if you want to add some excitement about Beckham.

Zay Flowers did get to play in the preseason, and he looks ready to go and make serious plays. He was beating starts in the Washington secondary, with Josh Johnson throwing him the ball. He should be able to hit the ground running.

The receivers are as good as ever, and the offense is new and potentially more explosive. How can you not be excited?