5 fallers from Baltimore Ravens offseason program

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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The moves are not significant, but some of the groundwork that the Baltimore Ravens lay down in the offseason programs will enlighten us about how training camp battles will unfold. So, there are enough takeaways from these events to follow them to get exciting nuggets.

The fallers have plenty of time to change their narrative when training camp comes around, but these players may not have improved their stock in a chance when it was there, or they may be in a worse spot after reports from the offseason surfaced.

5. Ben Cleveland may not have a starting spot locked down for the Baltimore Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens entered the offseason program, the thought was that Ben Cleveland was the leader to earn starting snaps at left guard this season. However, everything that has happened over the past two weeks speaks to the contrary. The initial thought was that John Simpson would be his stiffest competition.

Simpson is a veteran who is looked at as a backup, and was only there is Cleveland fell on his face. However, the true competition has come from Daniel Faalele and Sala Amuave-Laulu. These two played right tackle in college, and the thought was that they would get right tackle work throughout the offseason.

Morgan Moses is holding things down, but may only have one more year, so one of those two needs to step up. However, both are working at starting at left guard this year before right tackle next year. What is interesting to note is that while these two have worked at left guard, Cleveland moved to right tackle, showing that he has no firm seating on that job.

John Harbaugh was quick to mention both of the tackle prospects would have real shots to compete in training camp. This is not a win for Ben Cleveland.