Baltimore veteran comes back to retire with the Ravens

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Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Josh Bynes announced his retirement from professional football after a 12-year NFL career, the Super Bowl champion announced on Friday, Dec. 8.

Bynes, who will be honored as the Ravens' Legend of the Game this weekend, spent six seasons with the team in three separate periods. His last contract with the Ravens ended last season but he came back on Friday to retire with the organization.

Bynes entered the NFL when he was signed in July 2011 after going undrafted coming out of Auburn. He would then proceed to play for the Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, and Cincinnati Bengals in subsequent seasons while coming back to Baltimore at different times.

Although Bynes was initially cut from the Ravens, the linebacker kept focused on making it work among pros, and with the help of veterans like Ed Reed, as reported by Ryan Mink of, he found a way to crack the NFL code.

The one and only highlight worth mentioning here out of pure respect to Bynes and his stature among Baltimore Ravens legends came in 2012 when he completed the final tackle in Super Bowl XLVII, sealing the Ravens' victory over the 49ers and giving Baltimore its second-ever championship.

Through his 12 years of active play, Bynes appeared in 138 games played with 82 started in all places he played at, and slowly but surely turning into a bonafide locker room leader.

Despite stepping away from professional play, Bynes is currently coaching kids, including his three children, at different sports in Atlanta.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh praised Bynes as an achiever and legendary player, emphasizing the impact of hard work and dedication on a player's career.

"[Baynes] is an example that when you work hard, and do the right things, and treat people right, and show up every day and do your best, a lot of great things can happen and you can surpass expectations," Harbaugh said.

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"He's become a legendary player in our organization because he came back so many times," the coach finished.

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