5 free agent cornerbacks Baltimore Ravens must sign before training camp

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Bryce Callahan, baltimore ravens
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3. Baltimore Ravens should sign Bryce Callahan

Bryce Callahan has the potential to put the Baltimore Ravens defense over the top. He will be 32 years old next season, and injuries have slowed him down a lot, but he did make 11 starts for the Chargers in 2022. That was a career-high.

That is both concerning and encouraging. Of course, the Ravens cannot expect a full season, but also if they can get the healthiest that Callahan has been for 10 or 11 games, that may offset his age and make him a valuable addition for that span. If he is healthy for the playoff run it is essentially worth it.

Callahan is closer to a straight-up slot cornerback. He has 2.769 snaps in the slot to just 761 as an outside cornerback. Last year he played just nine snaps outside, while he played 572 snaps in the slot.

In the slot, he is one of the better defenders in the NFL. He has caught on everywhere, from Chicago to Denver and Los Angeles. The only issue with Callahan is the health. If the Baltimore Ravens wait until right around now to sign him, they may be able to preserve him and get the best out of him when he does play.