4 free agent safeties Baltimore Ravens must sign before training camp

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The Baltimore Ravens currently have just 89 players on their 90-man roster. It does not take the wisest football mind to think that they may be saving a spot to add a veteran at some point before training camp. There are a few positions that they could add, but an underrated thought is safety.

Who are some safeties that the Baltimore Ravens should call?

4. The Baltimore Ravens should give John Johnson a call

John Johnson is leaving the Cleveland Browns and may find a nice home with their division rival now. Johnson is still 29 years old, but 2022 was one of the worst seasons of his career. Combining that with the safety market has made it hard for him to find a job.

Accepting a role with the Baltimore Ravens may mean taking a small dip in pay from his standard salary. Beyond that, he played over 1,000 snaps last year, and that probably will not happen if he signs with the Ravens.

Still, he could put a defense over the top and compete for a Super Bowl. Johnson left the Rams the season before they won the Super Bowl, and that may sit with him. Johnson would serve a more minor role than Chuck Clark, but he would replace him in a sense.

Kyle Hamilton would still start at strong safety. However, the team could use one look with Johnson as the strong safety, putting Kyle Hamilton back in the slot, where he was an impact player in 2022. Hamilton would not be a full-time slot, and Johnson would not be a full-time player, but for a few series, they could go back to the old ways and show that look. This would make him an excellent signing.