2 free agents signings for the Baltimore Ravens who have been worth it, 2 who have not

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers, John Simpson
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1. The Baltimore Ravens need more from John Simpson

One of the big questions with the Baltimore Ravens this season was their left guard position. First, it looked like Ben Cleveland would slot into the role, but he never took advantage. The Ravens had a competition between John Simpson and Sala Aumavae-Laulu. As much as Simpson won the job in the preseason, Aumavae-Laulu lost the job because he was not playing nearly well enough.

If Simpson looked in the preseason and is struggling now, just imagine how rough Aumavae-Laulu may look. Simpson held up fine through a week or two, but now it is becoming clear that he is the weak link on the offensive line. The only thing he brings right now is continuity, and he has not had to leave the lineup yet. Still, he struggles to get a push in the run game, and most bigger linemen are pushing pockets with no issue against Simpson.

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Simpson was paid to compete to start and did not get starter money. Still, the Ravens have no other options for the rest of the year. They have to let this play out, hope he gets better, and then address left guard once again in free agency and possibly the draft.