Future NFL Draft Locations: 2025, 2026 & Beyond

Where will the Draft be after 2024?
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With the NFL Draft evolving from a moderately noteworthy event to the tentpole event of NFL offseason coverage, the event itself has gone from a collection of stuffy executives listing off names in the Walford-Astroia Hotel in New York to a marquee gathering that brings thousands of fans out every year.

After years of taking place in either one of the side theaters at Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall, the NFL has since turned the Draft into a traveling roadshow that goes around the country and welcome a gathering of fans from across the league. This year, the 2024 NFL Draft will be held at Campus Martius Park in Detroit.

Once this year's festivities conclude, it will be interesting to see where the NFL heads next. While their 2025 destination has already been determined, several bigger cities are doing everything they can to convince Roger Goodell they should be the next host site.

Which city will host the NFL Draft in 2025?

The 2025 NFL Draft will take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin at historic Lambeau Field. This is a bit of a change from past drafts, as it will take place inside the Packers' stadium rather than in a public gathering space like the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Caesars Forum in Vegas.

Considering the history the stadium brings with it and the fact that Green Bay remains one of the league's most loyal fanbases, this makes sense as a possible landing spot.

Which city will host the NFL Draft in 2026 and beyond?

Denver has been open in their desire to host a draft in the next few years. With new ownership and a bustling downtown area, the Broncos have enough to possibly get something done. They will need to compete with Pittsburgh, who has put in a bid to host both the 2026 and 2027 drafts.

Charlotte could be the site of the 2028 Draft, as new Panthers owner David Tepper might be willing to throw more money around. Teams like the Ravens and 49ers might need to wait a bit longer to host the event.