10 future questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens have questions across their depth chart despite a 2-0 start

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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3. Will Lamar Jackson only get better in this scheme?

Lamar Jackson was dominant in the win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was vintage Lamar Jackson as we saw big play passes down the field and scrambles to move the chains. There have been a few kinks in the armor, but the Ravens have scored 25 or more in the first two games of the season. That is something to build off of, especially when you think that Jackson is playing just this second week in the Todd Monken scheme.

So, there is a real thought that the duo will only continue to grow together and get better. One of the key factors of being an offensive coordinator is building plays off of each other. Now that the Ravens are establishing their plans, the twists and wrinkles will start to show.

The only real reservations about this scheme were if it would require too much passing on Jackson, a run-first quarterback. Jackson should have shown in week two that he can handle a passing first offense and attack down the field. Monken has shown he can adapt to the talent around him. They both may only get better from here.