10 future questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens have questions across their depth chart despite a 2-0 start
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Is Roquan Smith officially taking the Baltimore Ravens defense to the next level?

When the Baltimore Ravens traded for Roquan Smith it took their defense to a different level. However, there was a lot of talk about how teams would be able to adjust to the defense, and that it was also just a small sample against mainly bad quarterbacks. However, the playoff loss was a small solidifier that the addition of Smith was more than just the Ravens' schedule turning at the right time.

The Ravens' defense did not dominate, considering they gave up 24 points. However, a lot of that came when the Ravens were up by two scores, and the defense softened up a bit. When it was time to attack, the unit produced turnovers and got key stops.

So, now the Ravens have Mike MacDonald in year two and Roquan Smith in year two of this system, and they both may be clicking together. Hopefully, this roster can stay healthy enough.