Game-by-game predictions for 2024 Baltimore Ravens schedule

The Ravens have to beat some elite teams
Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens may have lost some of their biggest names on the 2023 roster during free agency, but they are still rightly regarded as one of the best teams in the league, thanks to the presence of Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens will need to prove their might all over again, as only the rival Browns have a harder schedule across the NFL Baltimore is playing a whopping 10 different games against teams who made the postseason last year, which is extremely taxing on this organization.

Baltimore has stared down longer odds in the past, and everything about their roster suggests that every team on their schedule will be dreading the day they have to go toe-to-toe with the Ravens. Will the Ravens be able to equal or surpass last year's tremendous run?

Game-by-game predictions for 2024 Baltimore Ravens schedule

Week 1: Chiefs - L

Starting the season off against Kansas City is some brutal luck. The Ravens will, however, get the chance to possibly snatch a win away from Patrick Mahomes and exact revenge from the AFC Championship game before KC is fully in rhythm.

Still, beating Mahomes is a tall order. Doing so on the road to begin the season is even more challenging for Baltimore.

Week 2: Raiders: W

Lamar Jackson vs. either Gardner Minshew or Aidan O'Connell. No matter what you think of the Raiders beefing up some of the biggest holes on the roster, that stark difference in talent will be what ultimately decides this game.

Week 3: Cowboys - W

The Cowboys have a Top 10 quarterback in Dak Prescott and a defense with playmakers all around it, but Mike McCarthy is always prone to one or two slip-ups against elite competition. The Ravens could pilfer a win against Dallas, who chose not to sign Derrick Henry.

Week 4: Bills - L

Buffalo is a much worse team this season, but the Bills still have Josh Allen. While very inconsistent, he’s capable of turning on the jets against premier competition. The Ravens could overwhelm a weakened Bills defense, but Buffalo has enough talent to surprise them at home.

Week 5: Bengals - W

The Ravens may not sweep the Bengals, but it’s hard to envision a world where Baltimore fails to beat them at least once. The defense lost some big pieces, which could be key to Baltimore reeling off a win when they have home field on their side.

Week 6: Commanders - W

Jayden Daniels has oodles of potential in Kliff Kingsbury's offense, but a rookie quarterback against one of the best teams in the league could be a recipe for disaster in the middle of his debut campaign.

Week 7: Buccaneers - W

Old division enemy Baker Mayfield has found a second chance at success in Tampa Bay after winning a playoff game, but the gap in talent between the Buccaneers’ offense and the Ravens’ MVP-led attack may ultimately become the difference maker.

Week 8: Browns - W

The Browns and Ravens are perfectly set up for old-school AFC North slobber knockers, though the Ravens have better offensive personnel. If Baltimore’s new-look offensive line can hold a solid Cleveland front seven at bay, the Ravens should win this.

Week 9: Broncos - W

The Broncos are beginning a very long rebuild, and one stage of that rebuild may entail putting Bo Nix out there against an elite defense and the always lethal Jackson.

Week 10: Bengals - L

Joe Burrow is good enough to where the Ravens can’t expect to simply bulldoze their AFC North rivals twice in the same season despite the superior roster. In a very tough division, Baltimore’s performance against Cincinnati could decide the winner.

A strong game or two from Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase could give Cincy a win in this matchup of contenders.

Week 11: Steelers - L

Jackson’s worst games in his career have often come against Pittsburgh, and the Steelers will once again sport one of the game’s best defenses. The addition of Russell Wilson and departure of Kenny Pickett could make them more consistent enough to take down Baltimore at home.

Week 12: Chargers - W

The Harbaugh Bowl will likely come down to which MVP-caliber quarterback can make fewer mistakes. Given Baltimore’s superior offensive line and Greg Roman’s…Greg Roman-ness, the Ravens have more support around Jackson.

The Chargers may be a sleeping giant, but they’re still snoozing right now.

Week 13: Eagles: L

Right before the bye, the Ravens might have trouble bulldozing an Eagles team that started to show some vulnerable signs down the stretch despite a talented quarterback like Jalen Hurts at the helm.

Week 15: Giants: W

The Giants have a threadbare roster that is regarded as one of the worst in the league, and Daniel Jones is no longer going to be the force multiplier they believed he would be. Jackson and the Ravens should still be big favorites.

Week 16: Steelers - W

The Steelers are going to be a formidable challenge after their upgrades at quarterback, but a Ravens team that has superior skill position talent and a defense that can cancel out Pittsburgh's quality unit should be able to pick up a win in friendly confines.

Week 17: Texans - W

Houston is the new flavor of the month across the league, as CJ Stroud is fresh off one of the greatest rookie seasons in NFL history. Even with Stefon Diggs in town, the defense is weak enough for Jackson heater and old-school Derrick Henry domination to carry them to a win on Christmas.

Week 18: Browns- W

That Cleveland defense is as nasty as they come in the league, but the struggles of Deshaun Watson are so concerning that it will be tough to envision them knocking off Baltimore and winning the division. 

If the Ravens are to sweep any division rival this year, the Browns seem most likely.

Baltimore Ravens 2024 record prediction: 12-5