3 game changing moments that lead to a Baltimore Ravens win

The Baltimore Ravens made key plays when they needed to

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Geno Stone, Baltimore Ravens
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2. From a red zone interception to a red zone trip for the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens kicked a field goal to end the first quarter and ended up leading 13-10. The Bengals' offense took about a quarter to get out of that funk, but they had just put together a 12-play scoring drive, and they were driving again. Joe Burrow had them in the red zone on an eight-play drive that was looking like it would lead to a second straight score.

Burrow was finding Tee Higgins consistently, and he looked for him again in the red zone, but Geno Stone stepped in front of the pass and made a play, creating an interception. This was obviously huge because it took points off of the board. However, the response was just as big.

On the very next play, Lamar Jackson went deep to Zay Flowers 52 yards. Flowers had been used almost exclusively near the line of scrimmage, but when the turnover came, Todd Monken felt it was time to unleash him down the field. The Ravens gave Flowers two more chances to punch it in before Jackson found Mark Andrews for a touchdown. This took the game to 20-10. If Burrow completes that pass to Higgins, it is 17-13 Bengals, and just like that, it is 20-10 Ravens. That was the game-changing moment.