3 game changing moments that lead to a Baltimore Ravens win

The Baltimore Ravens made key plays when they needed to
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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Lamar Jackson scrambled to save the Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals continued to press and push the Baltimore Ravens in this game. The Ravens led 27-17 late, but the Bengals put together a scoring drive that made it a 3-point game and put the pressure on the Ravens to make a play.

The Ravens had the ball with 3:28 to go and a three-point lead. We saw the offense start the game; could they finish it on the right foot? Lamar Jackson and the Ravens faced third down with three yards to go right before the two-minute warning. The Bengals had just one time-out.

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Jackson dropped back to pass but had to scramble. In classic Lamar Jackson fashion, he weaved, danced, and found a way to pick up 12 yards and a first down. The Ravens picked up one more first down and won the game. This was everything you wanted to see from Jackson. He played in structure when needed and put the team over the edge with his play-making ability as a scrambler. From start to finish, the Ravens made key plays to win this game.

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