5 game-changing plays that cost the Baltimore Ravens a win at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers, Lamar Jackson, Malik Harrison
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2. Lamar Jackson cost the Baltimore Ravens with an interception

In a game where so many inexplicable things happened, this may have been the worst. The Ravens punted to the Steelers with 5:48 to go in the game, but a muffed punt by the Steelers gave the Ravens a key chance to put this game away once and for all. The Ravens had the ball at the Steelers seven-yard line with 5:33 to go.

The Ravens got to the five-yard line and faced a third down with 4:10 to go. The team simply could not turn the ball over. Even a run would burn some clock and allow the field goal unit to come on. However, the Ravens elected to pass. Lamar Jackson wanted to test Joey Porter Jr., a rookie who was just checking into the ball game late in the second half.

Porter was matched up with Odell Beckham, the savvy veteran. However, Porter has a lot of size and is a physical cornerback. He was stronger than Beckham and boxed him out. Worse than that, Lamar Jackson threw an awful pass. He left it short and put it too far out in front of Beckham. The pass gave Porter a great chance. He needed to put it where only Beckham could get his hands on it, or it would fall incomplete.

The Ravens came into this game with one of the best red zone offenses in the NFL. We knew it could not remain this hot, but regression caught them at the worst time. Jackson cost the Ravens with an interception after Linderbaum killed them with a snap in the first half. Combined, they lost six points on those two plays.