5 game-changing plays that cost the Baltimore Ravens a win at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers, George Pickens, Marlon Humphrey
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1. George Pickens burns Marlon Humphrey for the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the Baltimore Ravens

This one is pretty obvious as the play that changed everything. After the interception, the Pittsburgh Steelers just needed a field goal to win the game. At the Ravens' 41-yard line, they were already eyeing a 58-yard kick, and just a few more yards would make it a pretty makeable kick.

The Matt Canada offense had been running the football on second down to create third and short all day. On 2nd and 9 with just over a minute to go, we all assumed the Steelers would run it, get a bit closer to field goal range, then set up a third down where they try to move the chains.

However, the Steelers offensive coordinator finally broke his tendency and not only called a pass but a deep one. Mike MacDonald wanted to get aggressive and create a loss that took the Steelers out of field goal range. So, he brought heat, which meant not enough help on the back end.

Marlon Humphrey is an elite cornerback, but he is coming back from an injury, and this was his first game back. He was not up to the challenge of defending George Pickens. Pickens ran by him, and Kenny Pickett gave him man a chance to make a play on the ball. 41-yard later, the Pittsburgh Steelers led 14-10. It was essentially the only good play the Steelers offense had all game, but all of the other errors the Ravens made set them up for failure.

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The Ravens have to look at the Colts and Steelers losses and think that the only team stopping them from going far this year is themselves.

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