Grading Baltimore Ravens offensive line through week four

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Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Simpson
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Baltimore Ravens left guard

John Simpson: 269 snaps

Primary matchup: Maliek Collins, DJ Reader, DeForest Buckner, Grover Stewart, Jordan Elliott, Shelby Harris

John Simpson took his momentum from training camp into the regular season. Simpson had 64 snaps against the Houston Texans and it was his best performance of the year. That is good but also tells us that the last three games have not been as good. Unfortunately, they have not been nearly as good.

D.J. Reader got the better of his former Clemson teammate when they squared off in week two. Then, DeForest Buckner was in the backfield a few times, getting a push on Simpson. Simpson picked up a holding penalty against the Cleveland Browns, and his run-blocking left a lot to be desired.

The Browns bring a lot of heavy bodies in rotation, and getting Buckner and Reader back-to-back is not an easy test. Still, we are slowly learning why Simpson was set aside by his former team.

John Simpson Grade: D+