Grading every pick the Ravens made in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens seem to have knocked it out of the park
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The Baltimore Ravens fave officially wrapped up the 2024 NFL Draft, and Eric DeCosta has only added to his reputation as one of the best drafters in the game. The Ravens came out of this draft with players who will likely profile as long-term contributing pieces.

Top 100 picks being used on three possible starters in Nate Wiggins, Roger Rosengarten, and Adisa Isaac got things started off with a bang, and the Ravens kept the good times going by selecting Devontez Walker and T.J. Tampa in the fourth round.

The Ravens have been heralded as one of the best drafting teams in the league over the last few years, and this class was yet another feather in their cap. Grading every pick from this class illustrates just how simultaneously deep and high-ceiling DeCosta's 2024 picks appear to be.

Grading every Baltimore Ravens 2024 NFL Draft pick

Ravens NFL Draft grade for Clemson CB Nate Wiggins: A-

The Ravens had to add a cornerback at some point in this draft, and the first of their two selections was a player not many expected to be available at No. 30 overall. Harbaugh barely expected it as well, as he claimed he was joking with coaches about drafting Wiggins, assuming there was no way such a stud could drop to No. 30.

While Wiggins is a bit skinny for a 6-2 cornerback who plays outside, it's hard to poke too many holes in a player who allowed just one catch over 20 yards all year (to his new teammate Walker) and had one of the lowest passer ratings allowed when targeted. In terms of lining up and playing sticky man coverage, Wiggins is as good as any DB in this class.

The Ravens have a path to giving Wiggins a starting role. John Harbaugh could either put him in the slot and make the most of his athletic ability or quit prolonging the inevitable by designating him as the starting outside cornerback next to Marlon Humphrey and ahead of Brandon Stephens.

Stephens is a solid player, but he would probably tell you himself that Wiggins has legitimate All-Pro potential if he ends up developing correctly. Baltimore would need to handle him very carefully, but it'a hard to complain too much about an elite athlete at a position of need.