Handing out Baltimore Ravens midseason awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY, and more)

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens are worthy of the midseason awards?

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Baltimore Ravens Comeback Player of the Year: Michael Pierce 

This one should be obvious in most cases. Yes, Lamar Jackson was hurt last year, but he was also great. Ronnie Stanley being healthy is amazing, but he is not quite the same player that he once was. The biggest comeback story of the year has been Michael Pierce and what a comeback he has had. 

He was playing some of his best football around 2018 and 2019. However, in 2020, after he signed with the Minnesota Vikings, he sat out the year due to the pandemic. He came back in 2021 but was not quite the same. He played just half of the year and then was placed on the IR with an elbow injury. 

Pierce hoped to return to his form in 2022, but after just three games, it was a biceps injury that ended his year. So, we had not seen the prime Pierce since 2019, and 2022 was his most devastating injury. At age 31, that may have been a wrap. Instead, we are seeing him at his best.

Pierce has always been talented as a run-stopper, but what has impressed me is his improvement as a pass rusher. Coming back from multiple season-ending surgeries at his age and position should be commended.