Handing out Baltimore Ravens midseason awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY, and more)

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens are worthy of the midseason awards?

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Brandon Stephens
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Baltimore Ravens Most Improved Player: Brandon Stephens 

Last year, Brandon Stephens had a 92.3 passer rating allowed. It was his first year starting as an outside cornerback, but he did not play well, and the team tried to move him back to safety. The only reason Brandon Stephens did not move to safety this summer was because the Ravens had so many injuries at cornerback, and they were healthier at safety. 

The Ravens had to platoon Ronald Darby and Rock Ya-Sin, and they had Marlon Humphrey on the sideline. This opened snaps for Brandon Stephens to play the entire game. This year, Stephens has been excellent. 

His passer rating allowed is down from 92.3 to 68.1. With the return of Marlon Humphrey, you would think that teams would test Stephens even more. Stephens has been one of the highest-targeted cornerbacks in the NFL, but he has held down strong. Going from being questioned if he even has a career at that position to being a solid starter is one heck of an upgrade.