Handing out Baltimore Ravens midseason awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY, and more)

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens are worthy of the midseason awards?

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Mike Macdonald, Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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Baltimore Ravens Coach of the Year: Mike MacDonald 

This one is pretty obvious as well. Todd Monken gets a lot of talk about the scheme changes he brought and how the offense is different than what Greg Roman brought to the table, but his offense has been clunky at times. The offensive line coach, Joe D'Alessandris, has done a good job, and you could argue the secondary, Chris Hewitt, can get some love. However, Mike MacDonald is on one. 

MacDonald has seen his defense take off after he added Roquan Smith. He has that piece in the middle and can move things around based on that. What is impressive is how he gets pressure without blitzing. He throws in stunts and will drop linemen and show simulated pressures to mix up who comes and goes. It allows the Ravens to mix things up but also drop more men into coverage than a typical, blitz-heavy unit. 

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It is hard to find many units that are better coordinators than the Ravens' defense this entire season. Now, the only question is how long does MacDonald stick around before the head coach calls start to roll in. He is the obvious coach of the year on the Baltimore Ravens.