Is Alabama LB Henry To'o To'o a draft target for Baltimore Ravens?

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The Baltimore Ravens could be looking for a linebacker in the 2023 NFL draft. Should they have an interest in Alabama linebacker Henry To'o To'o, and what is his NFL comparison?

Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft Profile: Alabama LB Henry To'o To'o

Henry To'o To'o was a notable prospect who is a four-year starter in the SEC. However, he spent two years at Tennessee before spending the last two with the Crimson Tide. He started the majority of the way, but really took off last season.

His yards per snap dropped from 0.83 to 0.58 and his run stops increased from 38 to 49. He finished his career with 3,199 snaps, and 1,773 with Alabama. He played primarily in the MIKE role as the box linebacker.

To'o To'o was invited to the Senior Bowl, but declined to go. He did participate NFL combine.

He is smaller, but linebackers are trending that way. He also has the arm length to make up for that. His 40-yard dash time is solid compared to linebackers, but he lacks explosion in his jumps.

How Henry To'o To'o translates to the NFL

Henry To'o To'o plays fast, and with more explosion on tape. He does a really good job of reading his keys and not being distracted by motion or window dressing. With that ability he is also good at weaving in and out of traffic to get to the sideline faster than others. Henry To'o To'o also attacks downhill with understanding of angles and is not afraid to run into the burning building.

His coverage improved but he is still best in situations where he has to follow a man down the seams, or get a running back in the flat. Keeping up with tight ends, and following players who run routes is a bit different.

Beyond that, while he is fearless in the box, that will be a problem in the NFL. Too many times you see him bounce off of tackles. He is in the mix, but his arms can flail off of the legs of players, and even at times when he wins with leverage, bigger running backs pushed him over. Last year he had 16 missed tackles, and he had 60 in his career. In the NFL, he is probably going to have to be a WILL who plays aggressively enough that he can be trusted on all three downs.

NFL Comparison for Henry To'o To'o

The best NFL comparison for Henry To'o To'o is Tahir Whitehead. They have similar athletic and physical profile. Whitehead is smaller, and times got eaten up in the box. However, he also never backed down in the box which caused him to have a long career as a complimentary linebacker.

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Should Baltimore Ravens Draft Henry To'o To'o?

After signing Roquan Smith it seems unlikely Patrick Queen will get extended. Should the Ravens add To'o To'o, give him a year as a depth guy and let Queen go the following season? Right now he is projected to be a third round pick. He does a lot of what Queen does, and he may be a tick slower overall in athletic ability, but a tick smarter in recognition. If the team feels they did enough earlier, he could be the right pick at the right time.