3 hidden gems who will surprise for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

Three depth players could turn into solid contributors during the 2023 season
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Charlie Kolar, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Charlie Kolar is flying under the radar for the Baltimore Ravens

It will be very interesting to see how the Baltimore Ravens use Charlie Kolar. He is a tall pass-catching option who was often used down the seams to expand the passing game in the preseason. Josh Johnson hit him three times for 35 yards right over the middle of the field. Two of them resulted in first downs.

Of course, that is just the preseason, but you have to remember that the Ravens drafted Kolar over Isaiah Likely. Insert your Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews jokes here, we know. Still, it does speak to the fact that Kolar has talent, and even if he was Hayden Hurst, that is not the worst outcome.

He could be better than that. Injuries were the only question in his rookie season, and now he has looked great in year two. We know that Todd Monken wants to get creative, use all of his pass catchers in different looks, and, more than anything, throw the football. These things could work with Kolar, and it could result in Kolar getting mixed in and the Ravens using his size and speed to make plays in certain areas of the field.

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All eyes are on what Likely can do in his second season, but that makes Charlie Kolar the hidden gem. He is a player that nobody is talking about, but he could have a role in the offense by the time the year is over, and it could result in him becoming a long-term option.

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