Highlights, quotes, and reactions from Ravens 29-28 loss to Commanders

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Flock, the streak is over. After winning 24 games in a span of eight years, the Washington Commanders decided to put an end to the Baltimore Ravens' 24-game winning streak on Monday by using their starters against the Ravens' backups. Sheesh.

The Ravens did everything they could and they were so close to extending their streak, but ultimately failed to do so after the Commies kicker Joey Slye scored three points for his team with a 49-yard kick and nine seconds left on the clock.

In reality, this game was so unbalanced on paper that it's incredible that Baltimore was able to bring it all to the very edge of regulation while leading by two and only 10 seconds to go.

Your superheroes left us with many highlights, a few lowlights, and also shared some thoughts from the podium once the on-field action was over and they took to the mics to discuss what went down earlier on Monday at FedEx Field.

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