Hilarious: Rookie mentions ancient QB along with Lamar Jackson, makes him "feel old"

Dang, I'm still young!
Heisman Ceremony
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Back in 2016 Lamar Jackson was quarterbacking the Lousville Cardinals in the NCAA and on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy award in his sophomore season at the school. Jackson became the youngest player to ever win it.

Fast-forward three years, and Lamar Jackson was starting the 2019 NFL season as the QB1 of the Baltimore Ravens after the organization drafted him one year earlier with the 32nd and final pick of the first round of the 2018 draft. Lamar would end up winning the MVP award that season, becoming the second-ever player to get it unanimously and the second-youngest (aged 22) to ever win it.

Now, ahead of Week 3 of the 2023 regular season, Lamar Jackson will be facing the Indianapolis Colts at M&T Bank Stadium aged only 26.

Although he won't face rookie Anthony Richardson (who suffered a concussion last Sunday and is expected to miss time), Jackson shared some thoughts about the quarterback of the Colts on Wednesday.

Richardson, 21 years old, said recently that he was inspired by and shaped his game around the skill sets of Lamar Jackson and former 2015 MVP Cam Newton (who is now 34 years old). Richardson, in fact, revealed last March that he nicknamed himself "Cam Jackson" in 11th grade, per Pro Football Talk.

Asked about his opinion about those comments by Richardson, Lamar told reporters on Wednesday "You want me to be honest, right? That made me feel old, and I'm only 26."

Jackson kept going, saying "[Richarson] was comparing me, himself, and Cam--I'm like, 'Dang. Comparing yourself to me, and I'm still young.'"

After all of the laughs and the jokes, though, Jackson acknowledged the compliment and gave Richardson some kudos. "I appreciate stuff like that, and I did see [Richardson] play a couple times in college. He played phenomenal and in his first two games [in the NFL], he has, too."

Richardson, barely two games into his pro career (he was removed from the field early in both of them, not fully completing any), has rushed the rock for 75 yards and three touchdowns already. He has completed 30-of-47 pass attempts for 279 yards includuing throwing for a touchdown and one interception.

It's a shame that Richardson won't be able to play on Sunday barring a miraculous development in his recovery from the concussion he suffered in Week 2. Richardson will need to clear the protocol before getting greenlighted to play next Sunday.

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If Richardson ends up missing the Week 3 game against the Ravens then Indianapolis will name veteran backup quarterback Gardner Minshew the starter on Sunday.

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