3 Houston Texans who will impact Baltimore Ravens outcome most in week 1

The Houston Texans have some young talented players who will impact the outcome of the week one game

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Wil Anderson, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Which Baltimore Ravens tackle will see the Houston Texans star pass rusher Wil Anderson?

The Houston Texans sent a future first to ensure that they could trade up for Will Anderson. Needless to say, they see him as a game-changer. Now, the question is, how will he translate as a rookie? Also, which side will he line up? In college, he often rushed against right tackles.

If that is the case, his NFL welcoming will come against Morgan Moses. Moses is a talent and will be a tall task for Anderson, but at the same time, he is spared Ronnie Stanley. We would love to Stanley against Anderson to see where Stanely is athletically and physically after his injuries over the years.

However, he will see a lot of Jonathan Greenard, which could be good for him getting off to a strong start. Is Will Anderson going to be a game-changer, or will Morgan Moses give him a proper introduction to the NFL? That will dictate which team has the advantage in the trenches when the Baltimore Ravens are on offense.