Humphrey: Ravens were 15% away from completing Derrick Henry trade

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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A bit over a week ago the NFL shut down the trade market. The Ravens, in the world we live in, crossed the trade deadline without completing a trade. That was, according to a report published earlier this week, because the owner of the Tennessee Titans vetoed a deal with Baltimore for the exchange of Derrick Henry.

Today, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey has made the ultimate revelation, confirming that Baltimore was, in fact, only 15% away from completing a trade for running back Derrick Henry on Oct. 31.

Last week, Cole Jackson of Russell Street Report claimed the Ravens had a deal in place for Henry, later vetoed by the Titans owner. Though unverified information, Jackson is considered a trusted source.

Humphrey, in the latest episode of his podcast, Punch Line, released on Nov. 8, told his co-host "I was about 85% sure that King Henry would be suiting up for the Ravens.” Feel free to assign that remaining 15% to the Titans owner and his veto for the trade.

"I got a text somebody was going to be suiting up in purple. I got a text that somebody was going to walk into Baltimore, Maryland, (with) a height (of about) 6-4. I got a text that there was a very high chance that a guy that usually goes by 'King' was going to be in purple and black in M&T Bank Stadium very soon,” Humphrey said.

At the end of the day, Humphrey rightly stated "It did not happen," adding "My source was incorrect. He had me thinking it was a done deal."

All of this aligns perfectly with Jackson's "vetogate" report from last week. Humphrey considered the trade "85% sure" of happening, and he said his source had him thinking it was a "done deal."

Enter the Titans owner pulling off a last-minute veto, and there you have your 15% for the completion of the trade. Makes all of the sense.

Next. Roquan Smith, relieved his career isn't "going down the drain". Roquan Smith, relieved his career isn't "going down the drain". dark

The Ravens might eventually come out winners of not trading for Henry (the package they would have sent the other way is undisclosed and never got reported) considering UDFA RB Keaton Mitchell's explosion last weekend against the Seahawks.

I'm 85% sure that will be the case.

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