4 injury notes Baltimore Ravens fans must monitor coming out of bye week 

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3. Could Mark Andrews return this weekend for the Baltimore Ravens?

One of the most notable moves of the day was the Baltimore Ravens opening the practice window for Mark Andrews. That is a three-week window, and if they do not activate him within 21 days of Friday, then he will be out of the year. So, it is a free roll to do it.

The AFC Championship is just over two weeks away, so the Ravens could be on their way to the Super Bowl and then decide whether or not they want to activate Andrews. They could also activate him on Saturday evening before the game. That is the draw of opening the window right now. For the next two games, it will at least linger before a final decision is made before the Super Bowl.

So, this will be major to watch. The odds of him playing are low as of now, but John Harbaugh has remained suspiciously optimistic about his return, so it will be worth watching. His practice participation on Friday may be a guide into how realistic it is that he plays in the AFC Championship.