Insider: Ravens think Joe Burrow "embellished, faked" injury as an excuse

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Now, wait a minute. We knew Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow started the season with an injured, unhealed calf. We knew the Ravens beat the Benglas in their Week 2 matchup. What we didn't know is...

that the injury had nothing to do with the loss, as Burrow could have faked it! Or at least, that is what Marlon Humphrey's podcast co-host revealed on Wednesday, just hours between the second meeting between both teams on Week 11 TNF.

Jake Settleman, co-host of the Punch Line Podcast along with Ravens cornerback Humphrey, told the lads from The #1 Bengals Podcast (16:21 is the mark) that, according to his information (h/t Cincy Jungle), “The Ravens don’t think Joe Burrow was hurt for Week 2."

The podcaster, who is the closest thing you get to an insider as he co-hosts a podcast with one of the leaders of the Baltimore Ravens franchise, said that some players "think that when [Burrow] limped after throwing that last interception, that was a little of embellishment."

Asked about who in particular thinks that, Settleman replied "Geno Stone had the interception. Kyle Hamilton’s in the secondary." He added another name, that of Rock Ya-Sin, reasoning the veteran "locked down Ja’Marr in the end zone that game."

The host of the Bengals podcast wanted Settleman to double down on his statement (which was certainly bold and could bring him problems considering his relationship with Marlon Humphrey) so he asked him to ratify his information: "They all say he faked his injury, those guys?"

Settleman didn't back down, acknowledging his earlier remarks. "Yes, exactly."

This might or might not be true, and there is a chance the playful Humphrey simply allowed his podcast's co-host to talk some smack before this divisional matchup just as a sort of mind game played between both squads.

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If that's not the case, however, Settleman could be in deep trouble with Humphrey and his fellow teammates.

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