Is Marlon Humphrey's bold prediction about the Ravens' too good to be true?

- Why could Humphrey's bold statement be a bit too bold?

- Can Lamar Jackson really throw for 6,000 yards and help achieve Humphrey's prediction?
- Ravens' historic season ahead? That'd be the case if the prediction is fulfilled!

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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If there has been a storyline developing throughout the Ravens offseason last spring that definitely was the one involving the situation between Lamar Jackson and Baltimore when it came to his extension.

In order to fix that, the Ravens ended up relenting. Baltimore was good to pony up as much as $260 millions spread over a five-year deal to keep Jackson in tow, and to add wood to Lamar's fire the franchise also brought in Odell Beckham Jr., Nelson Agholor, and rookie Zay Flowers.

Those new additions, along already-rostered TE Mark Andrews and RB J.K. Dobbins, make for one of the strongest offenses in the NFL, if not the absolute best ahead of the 2023 season.

That's also what face-of-the-franchise CB Marlon Humphrey thinks, judging by his post-practice comments on Tuesday after the Ravens hosted the Commanders for the first of back-to-back joint practices held in Owing Mills, MD.

"I see us having at least two 1,000-yard receivers this year," Humphrey told reporters from the podium. "Whatever two guys that will be, I'm excited for."

Uh, oh, mic drop.

See, we love Humphrey here and most probably every other member of the Flock Nation would agree with that sentiment. The kid is a stud. He's the best player on the team bar Lamar by a good mile. He's a leader, and the best part of all is that he plays ball on the defensive side of the LOS, which complements Lamar's presence on the offense smoothly.

From there to claim that the Ravens will have two, not just one but two, receivers getting 1,000+ yards in a single season. Oooff.... That's hard to believe, man.

The Ravens last featured a 1K-Wideout in 2021 when Marquise "Hater" Brown racked up 1,008 yards, barely breaking that barrier. Prior to that, though, only Mike Wallace (2016) and Steve Smith Sr. (2014) had done it donning Ravens' threads.

In fact, only once in franchise history have two receivers catch passes for more than 1,000 yards in the same season: Derrick Alexander and Michael Jackson did it in 1996, the first season of Baltimore Ravens football in the NFL. Sheesh.

Truth be told, all hope ain't lost. Not yet, at least, judging by Lamar Jackson's comments from early May when Jamison Hensley of ESPN quoted the quarterback saying "I want to throw for like 6,000 yards with the weapons we have."

Doing some quick math here, that's 6K yards to spread over OBJ, Flowers, Agholor, Rashod Bateman, Andrews, and Dobbins which comes out at an average of exactly 1,000 yards per man.

Humphrey thinks two receivers will get 1,000 receiving yards each. Well, we're here bettting six skill-position players will get exactly 1,000 yards next season. What about that?

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