3 issues emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Rams

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2. The Baltimore Ravens have costly turnovers

The Baltimore Ravens won this game, which is great, but if felt awfully similar to the most recent Ravens losses. That is a big concern because it shows that it could still pop up at any time. If you watched all of the losses, you know that turnovers killed the team.

The Ravens had multiple fumbles and a missed field goal against the Colts. They threw a crazy interception in the red zone with a chance to end the Steelers. Lamar Jackson threw a pick-six against the Browns. 

When Lamar Jackson threw an interception that gave the Rams a chance to get points before the half, it felt like one of those days. When Tyler Linderbaum snapped the ball too early, resulting in a safety, flashbacks of the ugly losses started to pop up. 

The Baltimore Ravens cannot play this style and expect to win in the playoffs. They have moments when they look unstoppable, and then they throw the ball straight to the other team. That has to stop.